Buying Used Catering Trailers For Sale
at Bargain Prices

By Mike Carter

used catering trailers for sale

Without the right catering trailer or mobile food outlet you're dead in your tracks. In this business, the trailer and other equipment you will use throughout your day-to-day operations is the single most important investment you will make and will be the core foundation of the business itself. So here's some start up techniques for getting your used catering trailers for sale on a shoestring budget…

The decision of buying any catering trailers for sale should be made with some degree of sensible thought as this decision will affect numerous outcomes in the long run.

For example:

  • It's the core of all your marketing and will be attracting the eye of potential customers from every direction.

  • The new or used catering trailers you buy represent how customers identify your business, products and brand.

  • Your catering trailer also determines what food, drinks and other goods you are able to sell when it comes to the internal equipment included and gives a good indication of the menu options you are able to offer.

  • It also determines how quickly you are able to operate and effectively sell items through its structure and internal layout which if positioned correctly can exponentially improve your productivity, serving speed and income.

  • After buying your outlet from the vast amount of catering trailers for sale, it will be THE biggest asset of your business proving you with a sustainable income and providing your catering trailer business value both on and off paper.

  • It will probably be the greatest single investment of your business and depending on the size of your operation and budget could be a large outlay ranging from just $500 up to $200,000 or more

    The catering trailer and gear you use is an essential part of running a effective mobile food business, therefore it is important to know what to look for, the legal implications involved with owning and using your equipment, how to get the best deals when buying catering trailers for sale and how to use your equipment properly.
  • used catering trailer Buying your used catering trailers for sale at bargain prices

    Negotiating used catering trailers

    Many people buying new or used catering trailers for sale, when trying to negotiate on price, will do what I call the damaging admission. They attempt and slay the thing that they are trying to buy and attempt to harm and de-value the used catering trailer every which way possible. I don't know about you but doesn't this concept just sound and really feel wrong?

    I've found that the damaging admission hardly ever assists in any negotiating scenario and most of the time tends to cause friction between the buyer and seller of the catering trailer for sale and often offends the seller by offending their ‘baby' that they're most likely to be emotionally attached to.

    Think about it, this used catering trailer has most likely been paying their mortgage and feeding their family for a long time, so slaying the thing is not always the best thing to do here.

    When negotiating for used catering trailers for sale I find it has always been useful to come across as a friendly person who has some interest, with a somewhat limited budget however has some authority and should be taken seriously.

    If you can ‘sell yourself' so to speak, and get the seller to want or choose to sell the catering trailer to you instead of anybody else you'll have a much smoother transaction when negotiating on price and terms for catering trailers for sale.

    Some simple negotiation techniques will go a long way and will frequently help lower the costs on your used catering trailers, equipment and generally reduce your overall business expenses.

    Here is my short 6 step action plan for buying any used catering trailers for sale or any type of mobile food stand for your mobile catering ventures.

    catering trailers for sale Buying your used catering trailers for sale at bargain prices

    Step one: Plan for the road ahead

    Have a strategy from the beginning and know where you are going to trade from, who and where your target market places are located, the food, drinks and menu items you will be offering and what equipment you'll need. Preparing a catering trailer business plan will provide you with great structure and direction and also help you substantially with any financing you might require.

    Step two: Refine your search from the catering trailers for sale

    Narrow down the search for the used catering trailer and your equipment after establishing your business plan. Know precisely what type and design of trailer and equipment you will need and take into consideration the health and safety requirements and also the electrical requirements for the trailer and equipment.

    Step three: Go over the details of the used catering trailer

    Interview the owner or seller over the phone and ask the some key questions before going for a viewing such as:

  • Will they negotiate on price or terms?
  • Is the framework, chassis, electrics, wheels and tyres in good condition?
  • Is there any rust around the catering trailer?
  • Is it clean and presentable?
  • Does everything work?
  • Why are you selling? and so on…
  • Step four: Inspect and examine the catering trailers for sale

    Place yourself in a health and safety mindset and know your stuff. Check that all gear is operating and legal and make certain any certificates are valid and are up to date. Asses the used catering trailer as a company asset and think in terms of return on investment.

    Step five: Negotiate on price or terms

    Negotiate like a pro by conversing a little with the seller. Express your interest (but not too much) and attempt to negotiate without the damaging admission (attempting to de-value the used catering trailer) and instead come across a professional buyer with a limited spending budget who's taking a look at other catering trailers and is simply concerned with the overall asking price.

    catering trailers business for sale Buying your used catering trailers for sale at bargain prices

    Step six: Prepare yourself for the catering trailers business

    Educate yourself as much as you can and attempt to immerse yourself within the mobile catering industry. Learn as much as possible about the road ahead and prepare for business professionally by reading up on the very best techniques, methods and systems in the business.

    Unfortunately, many catering trailer vendors FAIL not knowing exactly how to effectively launch and grow their business and have no idea on how to really make a good income from their mobile catering trailer business.

    Take some time to invest in yourself and learn some quick start techniques you can use today to avoid the costly mistakes and get started successfully.

    In my Mobile Food Profit Formula program I take you step by step through the whole process, from start to finish. You'll learn how to effectively get into profitable pitches and locations with your catering trailer and make a great income from something you actually enjoy doing for a living.

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