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 Success Story - Harrold
"$29,000 in 4 days"
Harold Put the system to work in his business, successfully got the location he wanted and banked $29,000.00 in just 4 days at an outdoor festival selling his BBQ foods and products. Harold routinely makes $1000’s at all kinds of locations and events, part time, doing what he loves, cooking bbq and having a great time.
Harrold Owens - Kansas, USA

 Product Review - Tony
“...a step-by-step training system for creating a mobile catering business that reveals all of the pitfalls and all of the profits”

"Hey Mike, wow I was impressed. You’ve truly developed a step-by-step training system for creating a mobile catering business that reveals all of the pitfalls and all of the profits. Kudos for you for this. I was very impressed on how you show exactly what to do from start to finish, from the design of your outlet, to the marketing, pricing and everything that’s involved, you haven’t left anything out.

If fact one of the most impressive parts is where you reveal exactly how to create profitable partnerships and relationships with churches, schools, governments, organisations, concerts etc to provide services to them so you can make more money.

You show what these people are looking for and how to get them to call YOU for catering services, you’ll truly gone above and beyond what I was expecting. I’m certain this is going to do well for a lot of people, you’ve certainly showed your an expert in the mobile food business, thanks once again Mike!"

BBQ Tony, Texas, USA

 Product Review - Kasita
"I'm using the templates and making money"

"I read the first book in one night, I couldn't stop reading. I didn't know there was this much involved but its great how you've put it all together. I especially like the templates in the toolkit, I'm currently using the (xxxxxx) from the toolkit along with a few of the other tools and am getting into some great locations to trade from too. I started using the (xxxxxxx) and cant wait to see the results."
Kasita, Adelaide, Australia

 Product Review - Steve & Karl
"Up, running and earning cash within weeks!"
"Hi Mike. Steve here, I wrote to you at the beginning of last month and said id give you an update after the first 30 days or so. Well thanks to your book series I now own my own catering trailer with a business partner and all is going well. We managed to get the funding using your business plan template and have started out selling hot dogs etc at a few of the local industrial estate areas.

Your course is by far the best information and guide on the subject that I found and we cant wait to get started in the big events. Thanks again"

Steve & Karl, Northamton, UK

 Product Review - Sam
"This is Unbelievable!"

"The whole package is great. Unbelievable information, it's like having a master's degree in mobile catering. The Mobile Catering Mastery package is a fantastic detailed description and starter kit for the catering cart business. Highly recommended for anyone getting started in any kind of mobile catering."
Sam, Los Angeles, USA

 Product Review - Mary
"A surprisingly rare find"

"This package was truly a surprising find for me. Id been looking for a long time for the right catering trailer to start and had been dying to get up and running in my own food van. Your course has been an incredible help and I'm now set to start trading from my own catering trailer at a local catering pitch. Thank you"

Mary, Illinois, USA

 Product Review - Stacey

"gave me everything I needed to get going"

"Hi Mike, Stacey here just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for putting together such a great system. As an avid cook I’ve always wanted to start my own mobile service, I just didn’t know how to do it. Your program gave me everything I needed to get going.  It taught me, gave me a list of benefits, just truly amazing, and I highly recommend this system to anyone in the food industry or anyone even thinking of starting their own food truck, thanks mike!"

Stacey, Florida, USA

 Product Review - Neil
"Making real money in a job I enjoy"

"Hey Mike, This course is great. I've been a chef for a number of years and have wanted to start up my own food trailer business for a long time. Your eBooks were a great source of knowledge for me and I often refer to them for a recap. I'm now earning a lot more than I used to in any previous jobs and am happily trading in my own mobile catering unit at various pitches around the country. Thanks

Neil, Manchester, UK

 Product Review - Sarah
"…I was about to waste thousands without this"

"I am very pleased to be a part of this program after trying and failing at so many other businesses out there over the years. I was eager to simply jump in but boy am I glad I didn't before reading through your course. Starting a catering van had been on my mind for years and your home study course finally gave me the step-by-step methods and the confidence to finally start in my own business THE RIGHT WAY. This package is great and I'll happily recommend it to anyone with doubts about buying or starting out in a new mobile catering business. Thanks again."

Sarah, London, UK

 Product Review - Ross
"A must have for both new and experienced mobile caterers"

"This is the sort of package that is capable of changing one's view on the whole industry. I have worked as a caterer for over a dozen years, and now I see that the knowledge which I had to gather for years is accessible to anyone at a single mouse-click!

Mike unfolds the back-stage details of a business that can bring a fortune to anyone who wants it! The information and tools inside are second to none and I am extremely pleased with the new techniques I found inside. A must-have course for anyone in the mobile food business- take my word for it."

Ross, Pheonix, USA

 Success Story - Scott
"$6,000 in 3 days"
Scott used the system to open up multiple food stands. He simply took one of the pre-made application templates, put it to work in his business, successfully got the locations he wanted and made $6000.00 in just 3 days at a local festival. Scott now routinely makes multiple $1000’s of dollars, part time, doing what he loves.
Scott kerr - Australia

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