Mobile Food Business Plan Template to Get Your Catering Trailer Funding

By Mike Carter

mobile food business plan template

A professional mobile food business plan is the foundation of a successful start up and an essential part of your mobile food business. If you've been searching around for a good business plan to raise your catering trailers capital, you'll most likely have been bombarded with generalised business plans for sale that don't really go too in-detail or specific on our mobile food industry.

There are many resources that talk about business plans, and general business plan templates. However, finding a good money-attracting MOBILE FOOD business plan template to fund your catering trailer business that you can edit, use and apply in your own mobile food business is a rare find.

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A good mobile food business plan will help you create clear goals to develop your business. It also helps you focus on running your business and eliminating some of the related stress of not knowing what direction your business is going to take.

One of the main functions of your mobile food business plan will be to attract and ultimately GET financing from a bank, investor or other lending institution to fund your start-up, so writing a PROFESSIONAL business plan that outlines the first few years of the business is essential, get this first part wrong and all the dominos can tumble later on.

9 Steps to Writing Your Mobile Food Business Plan

Here are 9 essential elements that you need to include in your mobile food business plan to help get the funding you need:

mobile food business plan template for any currency Mobile Food Business Plan Template to Get Your Catering Trailer Funding

Executive Summary – This is probably the most important part of your business plan. It's what readers will see first, so you need to make a good impression with it. This is an overview of your complete plan, and goes into the history of your business. It explains to readers why you feel your business is hot and why you think it's going to be a winner.

Business Description – Your business description of your mobile food business plan should show how the various elements of your business fit together. You should describe what your business is all about, and list important factors reasons why you believe your business will become successful.

Determine the nature of your business, and list how you are going to fill a need in this market with the food you are going to serve.

What are the unique ways that you will serve your customers? Describe the type of staff you will have, and what you think gives your business an advantage over the thousands of similar mobile food businesses that are already out there.

Market Analysis – The market analysis section of your mobile food business plan demonstrates that you have a good understanding about your company's business. It includes your target audience, competition evaluation and geographic details.

bacon baguette products for mobile catering trailers business plan Mobile Food Business Plan Template to Get Your Catering Trailer Funding

Products or Services -What kind of food are you going to sell? This section should include your products, highlighting the benefits to your customers.

Concentrate on areas that give your business a clear advantage. Make sure that all of your products and other services are listed. You can even list products that you plan on launching in the future to show that you are thinking about long-term menu options and business goals.

Competitive Analysis – In this section, you should review your competitors. Regardless of what kind of food business you are in, you're going to have competition. There will be other food businesses that sell the same or similar products, sometimes mobile, sometimes brick-and-mortar.

For this reason, you need to know who your competitors are. You need to evaluate them with a sharp eye on their weaknesses and strengths. If some of your competition is strong in certain areas, you need to have a solution for that, and list strong elements of your business.

Marketing and Sales – Marketing is the process of attracting prospects and turning them into paying customers, and it is the strongest force behind your business and success. So, you want to list your marketing strategies here. List the ways that are unique for your company and the types of food you are going to sell. List techniques you are going to use to really push sales and ways that will help you build customer loyalty in the coming days and months.

Management and Operations – This section of your mobile food business plan will target your operations, your organization and your equipment. You should list how you plan on managing your employees and your company.

Obviously, if you are a one person operation, you won't have much to list here. However, you can still list what all of your responsibilities are, and your experience in the food industry.

Request for Funding – No mobile food business plan would be complete without a section asking for the funding. You need to show your present financial needs, and what your requirements will be over the next four or five years. You need to have financial strategies in place, because banks and other lending institutions want to know how you are going to be using their money.

Creditors need to know how you are going to be able to repay your loans. Carefully create this section of your business plan, because it determines the likelihood that you will receive funding.

Financial Plan – This should be written into your mobile food business plan after you have analyzed your market. Make this part clear and accurate with achievable numbers. This will be scrutinized by those, who might be willing to invest in your company. They want to be sure that you will be using their funds wisely, and that you know what you're doing.

mobile food busines plan sales Mobile Food Business Plan Template to Get Your Catering Trailer Funding

...and that's the main problem. Many mobile food vendors don't know what they're doing and fall at the first hurdle when it comes to setting up their business and creating a professional mobile food business plan.

Writing out a professional mobile food business plan on your own can often take days, weeks even months to write, craft, edit, refine and finish…and paying a professional will cost thousands. The good news is, YOU CAN FIX THIS PROBLEM RIGHT NOW.

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